UFC Fight Night Stockholm Gustafsson vs Texieira Live Free

By | May 28, 2017

UFC Fight Night Stockholm Gustafsson vs Texieira Live Free. MMA Fighting has UFC Fight Night 109 Results of the Billboard Gustafsson Vs. Teixeira May 28 at the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden.

UFC Fight Night Stockholm Gustafsson vs Texieira Live Free

UFC Fight Night Stockholm Gustafsson vs Texieira Live Free

In the main event of the lightest heavyweights Alexander Gustafsson and Glover Teysheyra will face to try to stay in the mix for the title. Volkan face Oezdemir and Misha Cirkunov in a set game in a key match in the lightweight division.

UFC Fight Night Stockholm Gustafsson vs Texieira Live Free
Round 1: There are not many reports in the first minute or so. Destruction Madadi, then Silva jumps to his feet. Madadi with an explosion, but Silva returns fire. Pray We have another disassembly. Silva with a couple of elbows behind, with the protection of a closed and Madadi really do nothing. Silva is looking for a triangle, but Madadi is intelligent and easy to stop. Silva raises his legs again, but Madadi become midfielder and strikes before the rounds. 10-9 Madadi.
UFC Fight Night Stockholm Gustafsson vs Texieira Live Free

Get UFC Fight Night 109 results below.

Main card (FOX Sports 1 at 1 p.m. ET)

Alexander Gustafsson vs Glover Teixeira
Volkan Oezdemir vs Misha Cirkunov
Peter Sobotta vs Ben Saunders
Adbul Razak Alhassan vs Omari Akhmedov
Oliver Enkamp vs Nordine Taleb
Jack Hermansson vs Alex Nicholson

Undercard (FOX Sports 1 now)

Pedro Munhoz vs Damian Stasiak
Trevor Smith vs Chris Camozzi
Reza Madadi vs Joaquim Silva
Bojan Velickovic def. Nico Musoke via third-round TKO (4:37)
Darren Till def. Jessin Ayari via unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-27)
Damir Hadzovic def. Marcin Held via third-round KO (0:07)

UFC Fight Night Stockholm Gustafsson vs Texieira Live Free
Round 1: Musoke advance on left and right. You only lose your head. Velickovic with foot kicks. Musoke starts a melee, pushing him to the fence, and then retreats. There are not so many. Musoke with a few straight hands, and then with his knee when Velickovic stands up. Hard straight Velickovic left. Head hits both blocked men. Musoke grabs the leg and Velickovic scored hits. The right side of the land for the Swede, and then click on the body. Velickovic falls for disassembly, but denies. 10-9 Musoke.


Round 2: Velickovic left in the middle. Left hook connected to Musoke. Velickovic’s leg, and then another marked. Musoke cracks it with two strokes. Velickovic unusual footpath. The Velickovic right hook. The quality of Musoke’s sound. Velickovic with excellent entrance to the dismantling. Musoke stands, but it takes a couple of shots against the fence. Nico catches the shot and takes his right rival, followed by the dismantling. Knee for body and Musoke head elbow to finish the round. 19-19.

UFC Fight Night Stockholm Gustafsson vs Texieira Live Free
Round 3: Very little separated the two in the battle. Masuku pressed and caught Velickovic, but then fell to the Velickovic guillotine. Nico runs and jumps to his feet, where Bojan has to the fence. They are separated from each other, and Musouz – right in the center of the octagon. Heavy body of Musoke. Velickovic with a bad shot, which protects Musoke. He travels to Musoke, but can not shoot down. Long right hand from Musoke. Right left spine Velickovic. Jab comes from Musoke when we get to the last minute. Velickovic, possibly forged disassembly, and then when launched, was hit by the right. Musoke cuts right to the head, and he’s everywhere! His legs were gone! Velickovic swoops down on him, and the battle is over! Velickovic, of course, only snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.
UFC Fight Night Stockholm Gustafsson vs Texieira Live Free
Official result: Bojan Velickovic. Nico Masuko TKO (strikes) at 4:37 in round 3
Preliminary card (board pass, 10:00 am ET) Dzhessin Ayar vs. Darren Tilla
Round 1: The left hand looks sick Until Ayari. It’s back, over and over and over again until it breaks. Ayari in trouble early. Right and left header of Tilla. Knee to body in melee Thill. I demolished by Till and Ayari restored fairly quickly. Up the sidewalk and in the fight Ayari traps with another left. Ayari with a bow on the right. Combination Ayari planted with a left hook, but missed a high shot. Before 10-9.

UFC Fight Night Stockholm Gustafsson vs Texieira Live Free
Round 2: The strong left hook Ayari, but even traps with the left, and then another. Ayari legs again stagger. While he does not come down to the ground and threatened triangle Ayar, but until again sticks to his left. Ayari tried an arm wrench, but even pulled out of it. Ayari repels leg and then lands a good knee. Maybe Ayari shook again in a short left. Ayari with the removal, but until the returns. Right inside Ayari elbow. Ayari goes down again in her left hand. He grabs Tilla’s leg, but eats a hard elbow for his problems. He took four in a row, and now he was hit more ground and the pound. Up to 20-17.

UFC Fight Night Stockholm Gustafsson vs Texieira Live Free
Round 3: Knee to Ayari’s body, and then cut again with an explosion. Spinning backfist simply loses by Tilla. The slower action as they relate to the rivet. Before ducks under Ayari attack and simply push him to the cage. A decent left hook like Ayari Up slowed slightly. Great left knee and Tilla. Ayari accidentally pricked herself in the eye. Starts struck by Till upon restart. More or less I’ve won that battle. Counter left once more Thill, who takes a bow when the battle ends. Until 30-26.
Official result: Darren de Thill. Dzhessin Ayar unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-27)
Marcin Held vs Damir Hadzovicha

UFC Fight Night Stockholm Gustafsson vs Texieira Live Free
Round 1: Hadzovich with a hard elbow for the body. A good right hand. Attack on the back Hadzovic strikes. The top on the inner side of the ground Hadzovich swipe. Holden has a leg, and he has Hadzovich. Composed in the center of the field and is now directed to lateral control. He returns to the center of the field. Hadzovich able to bring it to complete protection. Elbows the Held before it goes to a high field center, but again takes the protection Hadzovich. We performed dives on the leg, but Hadzovich stopped him, only for Held to return to the top. Now we have Hadzovicha back with two hooks, but the time is over, and you can not drown. 10-9.

UFC Fight Night Stockholm Gustafsson vs Texieira Live Free
Round 2: There’s a right to a wheel! And then he immediately receives the analysis. When Hadzovich trying to get up, Held pushes the leg and now controls the back. Hadzovich pitiful, but kept covered in his back. Looking back naked choke Holden, but loses his position and free Hadzovich. Elbow inside Hadzovich. Attacks Hadzovich and Heald easily resets and then gets the midfielder. I went to side-step control, and he was going to strangle D’Arcy! He was busy, but he can get out of it. Hadzovichem well done. It consists of the “north-south” and back to the side mount. Polish wrestler launches a pair of Bosnian protection shots. Advanced to ride, then back. These two rounds of books. 20-18.
Round 3: The right hand. Pull to the dismantling and get the knee cold and then hit as it drops! Lo Hadzovicha came back! The replays show that Heald really did drive Imanari, and turned around.