Ford World Mens Championship Playoff


Watch Here 2017 Ford World Mens Championship Playoff Live Stream Enjoy Watching 2017 Ford World Mens Championship Live Free. Canada’s Brad Gushue finished an impeccable 13-0 gone through the world men’s twisting title in Edmonton with a 4-2 charm Sweden’s Niklas Edin in Sunday’s last.


A debt of gratitude is in order for taking after alongside our live blog. In the event that you missed it, here’s an end-by-end summary of how everything went down:

Tenth END

That does it. Gushue makes an awesome twofold takeout with his first skip stone to sit three counters. Edin’s first doesn’t twist very sufficiently close and Gushue fires his last to send thump the Swedish stone through the port to run them out of rocks. CAN 4, SWE 2

Ford World Mens Championship Playoff


Ninth END

Grasp. Gushue draws completely into the four-foot hover for two as Canada’s understanding pays off and they at long last score the amusement’s first multi-point end. CAN 4, SWE 2

Eighth END

Phew, Canada escapes a stick. Gushue makes the twofold takeout and moves his shooter away too for another clear. CAN 2, SWE 2

Seventh END

More doughnuts on the scoreboard with a normal clear. CAN 2, SWE 2

Sixth END

A clear and it’s back to the point where it all began for Canada. CAN 2, SWE 2

Fifth END

It’s singles going relentless heading into the halftime break. Edin confronts three counters, including a stunned match sitting inside the four-foot circle, and knocks off them for a point. CAN 2, SWE 2

Fourth END

So close. Gushue expected to make a delicate tap and move to get a deuce, however his shooter spun too far. Edin’s counter gets his different stones and sticks around for second shot. Still, Canada maneuvers once more into the lead by one. CAN 2, SWE 1

Third END

Two can play at that amusement. Edin noses his first through the gap and Gushue makes him pay by hitting and moving under cover. That strengths Sweden to draw for a solitary and Edin arrives on the top. CAN 1, SWE 1

Second END

Utilize the constrain, Nik. Sweden sits two counters and Canada doesn’t chomp on the unsafe twofold possibility. Rather, Gushue decides on simply the open hit and a solitary. CAN 1, SWE 0

First ENDFord World Mens Championship Playoff

Fittingly enough, Canada has red rocks and Sweden has the yellow stones. Gushue begins with the mallet because of overcoming Edin in the Page 1-2 playoff amusement.

A direct clear on the board to begin shouldn’t astound with groups learning about the ice in the opener. CAN O, SWE O


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